6th Grade News/Info

Welcome to the 6th Grade News and Information Page! Visit often for updates from your teachers.

Homework Club: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:00-3:45 in Mrs. Jelkin's room (A104).

Math Information: 
There is an interactive website you can refer to for help with math. The website includes parent help, homework help and practice problems.  Please see CPM.org
Also, we have a "How-to" Handout to help parents navigate CPM.org.

Easy Fundraising
We are collecting Box Tops, Morning Fresh Dairy lids and Tyson Chicken Labels for Education.  If you purchase any of these items, we would appreciate you sending them in with your child.  These companies send us cash to use in any way we need.  We use the funds to supplement field trips, learning material and supplies.

Please help if you can.
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6th Grade Teachers
 Teacher Content/Websites
Daina Butler Science daina.butler@weldre4.org
Janet Jelkin Language Arts/Math janet.jelkin@weldre4.org
Molly Martinez
Math molly.martinez@weldre4.org
Jason Oleskevich Social Studies jason.oleskevich@weldre4.org
Molly Rauh Social Studies molly.rauh@weldre4.org
Daniel Scully
Language Arts daniel.scully@weldre4.org
Ellen Selkirk
Language Arts, Science ellen.selkirk@weldr4.org
Christina Sutter
Language Arts, Math

 Document  Description
 CPM  A guide to using the Math help site, CPM.org.
 CUPS Rubric
 A guide to expectations for 6th grade use of writing conventions (can and will be used by teachers for grading purposes)
 Neat Paper Guide
 A guide to 6th grade expectations for written assignments.
 6th Grade Parent Night
 Some highlight notes from our informational presentation for parents on some of the ins-and-outs of parenting 6th grade students.  August 30, 2016 at 6 p.m.
Tab 4
6th Grade Guidelines and Expectations

These expectations are for all classes in 6th grade:
  • Students are to be in class on time and prepared.
  • A free read book will be brought to every class and should be read when work is completed.
  • 6th grade is a gum free zone.
  • Lockers should be sticker, tape, and writing free.
  • NO open food or drink containers in lockers or hallways.

Severance Hawks demonstrate RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, and CONNECTIONS.