6th Grade News/Info

6th grade Parent/Teacher Conferences:

Parent teacher conferences include two options:

  1. Sign up for a scheduled time using this link: SIGN UP LINK
  2. Come during our Open House.*

*The Open House is available 5:30-7:30 February 14 and 3:30-5:00 February 15.

Scheduled conferences include you and the teacher of your choice in the teacher's classroom.

Open House is available in the cafeteria. Find a seat and the teachers will come to you.

6th Grade Guidelines and Expectations

These expectations are for all classes in 6th grade:
  • Students are to be in class on time and prepared.
  • A free read book will be brought to every class and should be read when work is completed.
  • 6th grade is a gum free zone.
  • Lockers should be sticker, tape, and writing free.
  • NO open food or drink containers in lockers or hallways.

Severance Hawks demonstrate RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, and CONNECTIONS.