Drama Club

This is a club for aspiring actors, set designers, sound/lighting technicians, and anyone else with a flair for the dramatic. We typically engage in 3 dramatic productions a year: Hawk Fall Festival, Windsor Family Literacy Night, and a spring production of our choosing.

This club is student run and students can and will be removed from the club if they fail to attend practice on 3 or more occasions or choose to be rude, a disruption, and impede the success of the club in any other way. These actions let down the whole club, which is a collaborative effort.

Seeking someone new to lead the drama club! Interested? Talk to Ms. Rauh.

Sponsor: Ms. Rauh
970-674-5200-ext. 3205
No upcoming events.

Will there be a production at the Hawk Fall Festival? There could be, if one lucky adult would like to come sponsor/coach the Drama Club!

Mrs. Rauh has scripts and more ready to support anyone who would like to step up and take on this role. Sadly, it has begun to conflict too greatly with her duties as a cross country coach and teacher and she can no longer juggle all three.
To tackle some struggles we've had the last couple of years, drama members will now be required to sign and agree to a contract of expectations.

Drama Club Contract