2022-2023 Elective Registration 7 and 8 Grade

6, 7, and 8 Grade Electives 22-23 School Year
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2022-23 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Electives

6th grade students are able to choose Band, Orchestra or Choir as an elective.  Music classes are a year long elective.  Students will rotate through exploratory classes allowing them to explore many classes.

6th graders will be choosing their 7th-grade electives through their Language Arts classes the week of May 2nd. 7th graders will be choosing their 8th-grade electives through their Math classes the week of May 2nd. Parents/guardians will receive an email from their student with the classes that they chose. Students will be able to revise their course requests for one week after registration. This allows you and your child to discuss their choices. Elective choices are a commitment as changes may not be possible in the fall. Our next year's schedule will give students 3 elective periods rather than the current 2 elective periods.  Beginning May 9th, if you still have questions about your child's schedule, please contact Mrs. Dwelle (current 6th graders) or Ms. Donahoo (current 7th graders) for questions.
Mrs. Dwelle 833-7223
Ms. Donahoo 833-7222
Please see the links below for more information:

For 6th Graders Going Into 7th Grade

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