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8th Grade General Rules:
  1. Snacks: individual, healthy snacks are accepted and must not disrupt class.
  2. Drinks: Water only, please!
  3. Backpacks are discouraged - if you have them, they must not obstruct walkways or you must remove them.
  4. We expect you to check your grades at least once a week on-line: be responsible for yourself!!!
  5. YOU MUST COME PREPARED TO CLASS: this means your basics - pens, pencils, paper, books, and planner (you probably need scissors, highlighters, rulers, etc.).  Failure to come to class prepared will result in a tardy, as you would then need to get supplies.

8th Grade Writing Rigor: (Be prepared!!!)

We help prepare your student for high school and for the real world; we will hold all students accountable for their writing in all contents, as writing is used in life and careers for communication. If your boss cannot read your request for a raise, do you think you will get it? 

So . . .

  1. If your writing does not answer the prompt, topic, question, etc. posed (the purpose). . .
  2. If your writing has glaring CUPS errors (capitalization, usage, punctuation, spelling) . . .
  3. If your writing does not show professionalism (Is the handwriting readable? Is it turned in on chewed up paper? Is it written in crayon, highlighter, etc.? ) . . .

. . . as a favor, it will be returned to you with a new due date written on it so that you may do your best work – as you will be expected to do in life.  It will not receive a late grade unless not resubmitted by the new due date. 

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