Course Descriptions

Social Studies:
6th grade social studies uses hands-on, collaborative activities as well as traditional reading and writing activities to help students think critically about the world around them. Specifically, the course will focus on the Western Hemisphere and the governments, economies, histories, and geography of that part of the world.

Science is a hands-on class. We will spend the year exploring the process of science through geology, the water cycle, atoms and molecules, natural resources, and ecosystems. This will involve: lab testing, group work, written and spoken communication, asking questions, making observations, using technology, and thinking hard!

Language Arts:
Language Arts is the art of communicating with others. Students will improve their abilities to discern meaning from media and to express themselves. They will utilize strategies to interpret, evaluate, and infer meaning in various genres. Using grammatically correct structures, they will think critically, engage in dialogue and discussions, defend arguments, and present thoughts and information in an orderly manner.

In 6th grade mathematics, we will learn how to work collaboratively to solve math problems and discover different ways to approach mathematics. Our curriculum focuses on exploring the "whys" in math in order to help lead us to the "hows." This encourages students to approach problems from a variety of perspectives and promotes critical thinking.