Course Descriptions

SCIENCE (Mr. Scharfenberg, Mrs. Glitzke)

In 7th grade science this year we will
1.     Learn about living things: 
What makes something alive?  What are living things made of?  How does our body work? How does energy flow and matter cycle in our world?  How do living things survive and pass on their genes?  How have living things changed?

2.     Build your science skills:
Make observations & measurements, use laboratory tools, plan and conduct your own investigations, analyze and communicate your results, collaborate with other scientists, study evidence, and strive to explain the fascinating living world around you.

SOCIAL STUDIES (Ms. Eudeikis, Ms. Rauh)

Seventh grade Social Studies is a journey to the other side of the world! This year we explore Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia through their ancient civilizations as well as current events.  Our class focuses on the state standards of history, geography, economics, and civics; we work with the standards through debates, research, simulations, and more.  

MATH (Mrs. DeWitt, Mrs. Sonnen, )

LANGUAGE ARTS (Mrs. Callan, Ms. Johnson)
The major components of our Language Arts curriculum this year will be
-Research:  teaching the research process- finding reliable sources, taking notes, building a bibliography, supporting claims, and synthesizing information.
-Literature: studying how authors put together a piece of fiction.  Learning about the story elements like setting, character, plot, and theme, and analyzing how all these things work together.
-Writing: using mentor texts (example pieces) to analyze what makes different kinds of writing strong, then applying those qualities to our own writing. We will find the similarities and differences between different kinds of writing- narratives, persuasive pieces, informational texts, etc.
-Argumentation: how do we convince someone of something?  From persuasive thinking to simply supporting an answer with evidence from the text, we will work on becoming a reliable source ourselves.