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Ms. Donahoo (6th to 7th grade registration)   970-833-7222  ann.donahoo@weldre4.org

Mrs. Dwelle (7th to 8th grade registration)   970-833-7223  heather.dwelle@weldre4.org

Future 8th grade students requesting office/library/teacher aide and/or yearbook will need to select the appropriate link below to fill out the application to apply for that particular class. Please be sure to print the contract for any aide position.

Library Aide Application
Library Aide Contract
Office Aide Application
Office Aide Contract
Teacher Aide Form
Teacher Aide Contract
Yearbook Staff Form

8th Grade General Rules:
  1. Snacks: individual, healthy snacks are accepted and must not disrupt class.
  2. Drinks: Water only, please!
  3. Backpacks must not obstruct walkways or you must remove them.
  4. We expect you to check your grades at least once a week on-line: be responsible for yourself!!!
  5. YOU MUST COME PREPARED TO CLASS: this means your basics - pens, pencils, paper, books, and planner (you probably need scissors, highlighters, rulers, etc.).  Failure to come to class prepared will result in a tardy, as you would then need to get supplies.

8th Grade Writing Rigor: (Be prepared!!!)

We help prepare your student for high school and for the real world; we will hold all students accountable for their writing in all contents, as writing is used in life and careers for communication. If your boss cannot read your request for a raise, do you think you will get it? 

So . . .

  1. If your writing does not answer the prompt, topic, question, etc. posed (the purpose). . .
  2. If your writing has glaring CUPS errors (capitalization, usage, punctuation, spelling) . . .
  3. If your writing does not show professionalism (Is the handwriting readable? Is it turned in on chewed up paper? Is it written in crayon, highlighter, etc.? ) . . .

. . . as a favor, it will be returned to you with a new due date written on it so that you may do your best work – as you will be expected to do in life.  It will not receive a late grade unless not resubmitted by the new due date. 

Document Links:
8th Grade at a Glance doc.
Chrome Book care/contract
Movie/Book Opt Out/In form